Seniors look to the future

by Emily Jimenez | Staff Writer

Once again, it’s that special time of year where seniors find themselves developing anxiety toward the question, “Have you applied to college yet?”

Lindsey Fleming
Senior Lindsey Fleming is eagerly awaiting a college response.

Many are either in the same boat as Lindsey Fleming, waiting for a response from colleges, or they’ve yet to apply. Then there are  those select seniors, like Emily Ann Matchett, who have already received a college acceptance letter.

“For me it was just figuring out which school I wanted to apply to, I think the essays were kind of hard too,” Matchett said, “because it’s hard to show who you are in an essay that has such a simple topic.”

Some students, like Emily Ann, have already received their college acceptance letter. Emily Ann applied for early admission to Texas A&M.

“You just apply earlier and you get priority over the people who apply later. It’s better because you hear back from the college sooner,” Matchett said.

Applying to college can be a long and stressful process.

“Start now,” Fleming said, “because you want to make your essays good…I had teachers read over my essays.”

Essays are critical in college applications.

“Make sure you have other people go over your essays just to make sure you have everything right.” Matchett recommended.

Throughout the college application process students are recommended to talk to their counselors, who are their to provide thoughtful advice and insight.

“The first thing they have to do is research and find out what the school is looking for,” Johnson counselor, Patricia Snider, said. “If they’re applying to a school in Texas they go to Apply Texas, then they send their transcripts, SAT, and ACT scores. It’s really an easy process…it’s the research and the prep work that can be a little overwhelming. You have to look at every school’s deadline. Once the deadline has passed then it’s too late for that college.”

After college acceptance the next thing to worry about is starting a new life.

“I’m worried about making friends,” Fleming joked.

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