by Kyndal Tillman | Staff Writer

Now that the temperature is transitioning from warm weather to cool weather, the fashion trends are transitioning from shorts and sandals to leggings and boots. Leggings are known for being comfortable as well as fashionable, due to their many different looks and patterns.

“I have a pair of patterned leggings that are pretty awesome and unique. They are in the pattern of the American Flag, and then there’s some camouflage worked in there as well. My leggings are very festive and patriotic,” said junior Quinn Goodman.

Stylish Fasion

Patterned leggings can be used in many different ways. Many use them to show personality through clothing.

Even though leggings are the big fashion trend, they haven’t always been around. Many people look at leggings as a ‘new’ thing.

“I got my leggings about a year ago. They really stood out to me because I am very patriotic as well. I saw leggings all around school, and it was becoming the next big thing. So I figured that my leggings would be pretty useful,” said Goodman.

Like most big trends, they aren’t only worn because of their unique and special style, but also because of their comfort.

“I got these leggings because I love America. Also, leggings are extremely comfortable and I would wear them everyday if I could. And they have an American flag on them so they automatically rock. In my opinion, every season is legging season,” said Goodman.

Not all leggings are as festive and busy as others. A lot of girls have mild-toned and calm leggings that can be worn with different things.

“My favorite pair of patterned leggings are a greenish tan and they have different black designs all over them. I would describe the design as circular and very pretty. I got them at a store called Apricot Lane last winter,” said junior Brittney Garrett.

Some patterned leggings can go with anything, and some only go with a few pieces because of their unique design. Whichever the case is, people tend to really love them.

“I got this pair mainly because they went really well with a shirt I was also buying at the time. They also go with other things, and I get good use out of them. I think that these leggings are so popular because they’re so much more comfortable than jeans. In my opinion, leggings are also a lot more stylish. To me, leggings are definitely fall fashion. You can’t go wrong with them,” said Garrett.

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