Cooler temps and warmer fashions as winter sets in

Kyndal Tillman| Staff Writer

From the dark and deep colors of fall to the red and green festive colors of winter, the fashion trends change from cute tops and comfy jeans, to leather jackets, large sweaters, and all types of boots. Winter is the season for comfortable and warm styles as well as stylish and trend setting.

“Winter is the best season for fashion. This is the season where you can pile on the sweaters and cardigans, throw on a different scarf each day and pick your cutest pair of boots. It is such a wide spectrum of style, and pretty much anything goes,” said sophomore Daisy Turrel.

Of course, winter colors include holiday colors, but this season is also about neutral colors. Unique color combinations are a popular trend as well.

“The cool thing about winter fashion, is that you can wear neutrals and then add a pop of color with any accessory. Sometimes I will wear black and white, or brown and tan, and then add a pink scarf, or red shoes. A little bit of color can go a long way. There really is no such thing as winter colors, you can get away with pretty much any color in winter,” said Turrell.

When looking around the hallways, certain accessories are a constant. These tend to be worn the most during winter.

“This is the season that always brings out new trends and people tend to catch on pretty fast. I see so many scarves during winter, and even fall. Scarves are everywhere. I also see a lot of Ugg boots. This makes a lot of sense because they’re extremely cute,” said senior Lacey Lanning.

Along with the incredible style and popularity that comes with winter clothing, it is also very comfortable and wearable.

“In my opinion, winter clothing is the most comfortable out of all of the seasons. You can wear soft boots, leggings, and sweaters that make you feel like you’re laying in bed covered up by a blanket. Winter clothing is amazing, and I will be very sad when we can no longer wear it anymore,” said Lanning.

Winter Fashion.
Warm winter clothing like this is fashionable, cozy, and trendsetting.
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