How to pick the perfect gift for the perfect person

by Caitlin Glenn | Staff Writer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means that it’s time to start searching for a gift for the most wonderful people in your life. Gift shopping can be difficult, especially with all the options and the crowds, but finding a gift that expresses all of your affections isn’t so bad once you break it down. Here are some tips for finding the perfect gift for the perfect person.

1. Find something that will brighten their day. A star, for example, is the perfect way to express your devotion. Nothing says “this relationship will last forever” like a star across the universe that can only be seen on a clear night.

2. Give the gift that keeps on giving: a picture of yourself. Being away from a person you love for any given time is difficult, but a picture in a locket or a frame will ease the pain for every second that you’re apart. Want to get creative? Forget that monogrammed t-shirt and knit a portrait of the two of you together onto two shirts: one of you, one for your love.

3. No money? No problem. The most meaningful gifts are the ones made by hand. He mentioned that new game he wanted? Make him a board game that chronicles your relationship, past and present. She wants that One Direction CD? Write and record your own songs and burn a copy for her.

4. Choose something that is versatile. No one wants something that can only be used for special occasions, like a gold bracelet or tickets to a concert. Pick something that they will like and use more than once, like socks or a rug.

5. Make it personal. Trendy gifts are nice and all, but a gift with a story behind it will prove the true extent of your love. Get that special person a small tree to remember all those walks in a park you’ve taken together, or the complete series of that show that you watched two episodes of together. Whatever it is, make sure that there’s meaning behind it and not just empty money.

In the end, you know what the person you care about will like the most, so trust your instincts. The holidays are a time to come together, and the best gift can’t compare to genuine affection. Presents are nice, but the thought that goes into them are ultimately the best measure of value. The greatest thing you can give another person is your love. Michael Scott said it best, “Presents are the best way to show someone how much you care. It’s like a tangible thing that you can point to and say ‘Hey man, I love you this many dollars worth.'”

That said, a gift never hurt. Happy holidays!

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A lot of thought goes into finding the perfect gift every holiday season.
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