Secrets to a successful Instagram post

by Julia Zakrzewski | Staff Writer

We all have that one person on our instagram feed who receives a hundred plus likes on their duck face ‘Selfie Sunday’ pictures and shirtless Channing Tatum pics as their ‘Man Crush Monday.’ Is this for their excessive yet relatable hashtag use? Or that they have the secrets to the perfect Instagram post down to a science?

To the naive  users, this may seem like a foreign concept. However, Instagram has shaped the teenage population into believing the more likes you receive the more successful you become. Would you like to be successful in life? Here are some pointers to help your dreams become reality.

Timing Easily one of the most important factors in reaching the ‘hundy club’ a reality. Perfect timing of your Instagram post is broken down into two factors. During school, and  not during school. Only the brave post a photo during school, having to break through strict teachers and horrible service are forces that work against you and the dream of endless likes. If you decided to take on this daunting task, posting your photo after third period is prime time. Why after third period you ask? The next three periods are filled with teenagers who have not had their social media fill for the day refreshing their Instagram, Twitter, and Vine feeds as they indulge in lunch and popularity.

Now we move on to the second scenario, Instagram posts outside the walls of our educational prisons. Three specific times will yield the best outcome. Right when the bell of freedom rings at the end of the school day, around dinner time when teenagers are more intrigued with their phones than meaningful conversations with their parents about their day at school, and after ten, when there is nothing better to do then constantly refresh your timeline.

Now our next secret–your ratio of likes to how long your photo has been posted is crucial. For both boys and girls finding the perfect filter, an on point caption and solid balance of hashtags can take time and effort. If this process takes 18 minutes you don’t want to upload right away. Quickly shut this story, and tap onto your Instagram. See that clock in the upper right hand corner with an amount of time next to it? This clock is a deal breaker– you don’t want to upload your photo and have it say 18 minutes with no likes. That is a ratio that will send you straight down the social ladder. The secret behind this is simple, before uploading your perfect Instagram post click back to the filters. Now click on a flitter you don’t want to use. Now click back on your original filter; done. This will refresh your time to make it look as though you added this post 1 second ago instead of 18 minutes. Your ratio of likes to time will be incredible now.

You’re welcome.

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