Attack of the holiday flavors

by Emily Jimenez | Staff Writer

The seasons of pumpkin flavored everything has just passed and now every taste of Christmas is reaching the pallets of food connoisseurs.

Candy cane and eggnog flavors are lining the food aisles of Walmarts and Targets everywhere, snowmen and Santa’s adorn every package. After buying huge packs of Christmas flavored everything’s and spending nearly thirty dollars, the anticipation to munch down is building. Opening the first bag of eggnog flavored whatever’s, one can’t help but imagine the great, deliciousness awaiting them.

However, one usually meets an anticlimactic end and several of the snacks prove to taste, well  disgusting. Here are some hits and, mostly, misses from this years limited edition holiday treats:

Candy cane Peeps dipped in chocolate

“Reminds me of a freshly painted wall.”Peeps

“I can dig it. I just really like peppermint and marshmallows. It’s like a fiesta in my mouth.”

OreoCandy cane Oreos

“Looks, smells, and feels like toothpaste. It tastes good- very minty.”

“Buddy the Elf would think it’s too sweet.”

Candy cane Hershey KissesKisses

“No no no no no no no! Hershey kisses aren’t supposed to be crunchy!”

“This is what toothpaste would taste like if it were food and past it’s expiration date.”

So, companies need to step up their Christmas game and figure out how to create a candy cane flavor, without a Colgate fresh taste.

Gingerbread M&Ms

M&M's“Takes a while for the taste to hit- not terrible but not great.”

“Beautiful. Not too much gingerbread, but just enough.”

“I want to bathe my tongue in acid to get rid of the taste.”

Gingerbread Twix

“Nobody else liked it, but I did! Guess haters are gonna hate. It does have a unique aftertaste though.”

“Zero out of ten, would not recommend. Horrible aftertaste, someone please get me water.”

“You should have paid me to eat that.”

Friendly tip: when venturing into the unexplored territory of gingerbread, keep water on hand in case of disasters.

Red velvet Pop TartsRed Velvet Poptarts

“Like a little fat boy’s heaven.”

Salted caramel Pop Chips

“1:03 p.m: okay, taste was a little overshadowed by the chip itself. 1:17 p.m: went back – these are disgusting.”

“Tastes like Willy Wonka’s tears.”

Sweet potato Pop Chips

“Probably what they feed prisoners.”

“More like a stale, regular potato.”

PringlePecan pie Pringles

“Please burn my mouth.”

Cinnamon sugar Pringles

“Tastes like normal pringles, salt and everything. Which isn’t bad as you might think. Combined with sugar.”

Holiday twist Tic Tacs

“What I’d eat before kissing a guy.”

Some holiday treats will taste as giddy as Buddy the Elf on Christmas morning and some will taste as nasty as the Grinch before his heart grew three sizes. Remember though, it is as the Grinch says, “One man’s toxic sludge is another man’s potpourri.”

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