UIL adds 6A division

by Jordan Herrera | Staff Writer

With increasing school size, the state of Texas is creating of new conference for UIL events. 6A begins next year, and Johnson will be a part of it.

“The addition of the 6A conference won’t do much to us,” Band Director Jared Lipman said. “Our competitors will still be our competitors and speaking placement wise, everything will be the same, the change should only affect smaller schools who are moving up, or those smaller schools that before had huge schools in their district.”

Previously Johnson was a 5A school, alongside other NEISD schools such as Regan, Madison, Churchill and many more, all who will also be making the jump to 6A.

“Not much is going to be different,” Football coach Kelly Parker said, “We’re the same team, with the same competitors, just with a different number by our name.”

The requirements for the change into 6A are based on student populations, exactly like any other UIL cutoff. The numbers for UIL cutoff are listed below.


Johnson’s Varsity team, against Steele

Class 6A: 2,100 and above

Class 5A: 1,060 to 2,090

Class 4A: 456 to 1,059

Class 3A: 220 to 464

Class 2A: 105 to 219

Class A: 104 and below

Class divisions

4A Division I: 688 to 1,059

4A Division II: 465 to 685

3A Division I: 315 to 464

3A Division II: 220 to 314

2A Division I: 153 to 219

2A Division II: 105 to 157

A Division I: 55 to 104

A Division II: 54 and below

The new 6A UIL cutoff won’t do much for students of Johnson academics and athletics will just be realigned, with the schools we’re used to competing against still in our category.

“The 6A cutoff, is simply just a name change for us,” Counselor Carri Elliott said. “Not much will change for anything here at Johnson”

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