The trend of the season

by Kyndal Tillman | Staff Writer

With the cold weather blowing in and the fashion trends always changing, scarves are becoming a big deal. A lot of students at Johnson High wear scarves to look cute, feel cute, and feel protected by the harsh chill in the atmosphere. Winter is a time for many trends to unfold, but scarves seem to be the hype of the season.

“I have a lot of scarves, but I don’t know how many exactly. It is probably close to 15. I have so many because they’re fun to wear and you can mix up an outfit with them and still look really cute,” junior Victoria Gonzalez said.

For some people, scarves are either just an accessory or just for warmth. But for a lot,  scarves work as both an accessory and warmth.

“I usually wear my scarves because they go perfectly with my outfit. I mostly wear them for the cuteness considering the fact that it doesn’t really get overly cold in SanAntonio. But they are nice to have around my neck when it does get cold because they do a good job at keeping me warm,” Gonzalez said.

Not only are scarves loved for their warmth and cuteness, they can also make outfits diverse and unique.

“Scarves are really diverse and can go with pretty much any outfit. I take advantage of this factor because I wear them almost every day in the winter. Scarves can make an outfit, and that is why they are my favorite winter accessory,” Gonzalez said.

Some students go above and beyond when it comes to the biggest winter trend of the year.

“I probably have over 20 scarves. I love wearing scarves, they are my favorite thing to wear in the winter. Although, I have a problem with storage. I don’t really have any room at home for them anymore because I have so many,” junior Kayla Vance said.

Scarves are an easy accessory that can put an outfit together on a day when running late is an issue.

“One of the reasons I love scarves is because they’re so easy and cute. I literally throw on a scarf when I’m walking out of the door and it takes about 2 seconds. I just throw one around my neck that matches the colors I am wearing and bam– my outfit is all put together,” Vance said.

Whether the outfit is cute, or just comfortable, a scarf can always be a finishing touch that makes the outfit look engaging.

“Scarves can be an everyday thing. You could be wearing a lazy day shirt and jeans with your hair pulled up, and throw on a scarf to make it look cuter. Scarves can dress up any outfit, which is convenient because they are so comfortable and cute,” Vance said.

In most closets of the teenage girls at Johnson is a collection of scarves.


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