Trends that don’t need to make their way into 2014

by Kyndal Tillman | Staff Writer

Now that 2013 is over and a new year is starting, trends are changing. There are always trends that never fade, but should fade. Hopefully these trends will not find their way into the new year.

“There are a lot of things that I think are hideous in these hallways, but one of the big ones is socks and sandals. A lot of guys wear this, but so do some girls. It’s mostly the people in sports, but it just looks weird. I remember it being really popular last year,” junior Erin Drew said.

The season for socks and sandals may be over, but it’s coming right around the corner again.

“Because it’s cold outside, the socks and sandals are less of a problem, but I know it will start again. It will probably start in the spring or whenever the weather warms up a little bit. But you never know, that doesn’t stop people always,” Drew said.

Some trends are a good thing to carry over to the new year, while others need to be completely forgotten.

“I feel like we need to pretend this trend never happened. Instead lets bring the cute styles into 2014. For example, scarves. Scarves are good and don’t look stupid. But stupid looking is an understatement for socks and sandals, so lets just forget about them,” Drew said.

Socks and sandals aren’t the only trend that needs to stop. Color coordinating clothes have become less popular, as multi-colored clothing is becoming popular. This is a nice style, but sometimes it is taken to an extreme.

“One thing that bothers me is when people are extremely unmatched. Colors are a good thing, but to an extent. I think it is really annoying when I see someone wearing a navy blue and white shirt with lime green pants. Yes, I actually saw this the other day,” junior Rachel Cardona said.

The year 2013 was known for unique fashion as well as trends that will go on for many more years. But sometimes trends should stay “so last year.”

Socks and sandals are one of many fashion disasters that should stay out of the new year, and every year after that.

I love a lot of the new styles that came about in 2013. But there were some not so cute ones too. I just hope that people start trying to match this year. I think this year will have some crazy styles in itself, but that’s another story. But let’s keep the crazy 2013 trends in 2013. It’s always fun to look back and have that “what was I thinking” moment,” Cardona said.


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