Oversized clothing makes its way back in style

by Kyndal Tillman | Staff Writer

One of the most popular style trends in the 80’s was oversized sweaters worn with either jeans or leggings. Most trends come back into style at some point. And for the oversized sweaters, their time is now. Loose fitting clothes are everywhere, especially in the halls of Johnson high.

“I really love my oversized clothes, they’re so comfortable. I pretty much wear them everyday. It’s rare that anyone would see me in clothes that are actually fitting,” said senior, Jessica Watson.

This style of clothing has made its way back in time, and back into the closets of most teenage girls for various reasons, one being comfort.

“I don’t think any girl would honestly rather wear a tight shirt than an oversized one. If the clothing is big on you, you have breathing room and moving room. I personally feel kind of restricted and uncomfortable when i wear tight things because of wearing large sweaters so much,” said Watson.

Not only does the loose trend meet comfort standards, it’s also a cute and diverse way to express the style of an outfit.

“I love the fact that this style can be dressed up or down depending on what you wear with it. If I were to wear an oversized sweater with a pair of leggings, cute boots and a nice scarf, I would be dressed up and it would be a really cute outfit. But if I were to wear a large sweater with a pair of jeans and tennies,  It would be a casual yet cute outfit. I love the diversity,” said Watson.

While this trendsetting style has gotten increasingly popular within the last few years, its legend began in the 1980’s.

“This style is very 80’s. They use to wear long sweaters that drooped over their jeans or leggings, which is exactly what we do today. It’s kind of cool how style comes back like that,” said junior, Nicole Urbanik.

For many reasons, whether it be in the 80’s, or now, girls wear this style and love to show it off.

“I like wearing clothes that aren’t making me feel uncomfortable by being way too tight. I think this style was popular in the 80’s for the same reason it’s popular today. It is very comfortable yet cute way to dress. Many styles in the past have either been cute and uncomfortable, or comfortable and ugly. I’m glad that we found a happy medium, and I think this style will stick around for a while. And even if it doesn’t, it will come back. They always come back,” said Urbanik.

The 80's style is becoming today's new trend.
Oversized sweaters are comfortable, cute, and the best way to stay warm in the winter.
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