The warmest footwear of the season

by Kyndal Tillman | Staff Writer

Boots, scarves, and sweaters are all clothing pieces that scream winter. One footwear in particular is in the closets of most teenage girls- Uggs. Uggs are very popular boots, and to no surprise, they are everywhere in the halls of Johnson High School.

“I’ve had my Uggs for like 3 or 4 years, and I love them so much. They’re probably my favorite shoes to wear in the winter.  The material on the inside is amazingly soft and it definitely keeps you warm on cold days,”  junior Sophia Pabon said.

The Boots of the season.
Uggs are the most popular and comfortable winter footwear trend.

Uggs can be sold on multiple different websites, as well as stores around the world. Some people are surprised at the price of these boots which depends on the store or website they are purchased from. Others are not so surprised based on their quality and comfort.

“I have multiple pairs of Uggs, and they were all different prices. My least expensive pair is almost one hundred dollars, and my other pair is well into the 100’s. I’d say around 150. But I feel like the prices are realistic because of how much use comes out of them. I see them all over the place and I wear mine pretty often too,” Padon said.

As much of a sensation as they are, people still think one pair of Uggs is all they need. The cost is high, but the boots themselves are a popular trend.

“Ever since the Ugg boots have come into style, I wanted a pair. For years I looked around and saw everyone wearing them. I just never got a pair because of the outrageous prices,” junior Ashley Mccutchen said.

Even with high prices, Ugg boots are a “need” for many high school students.

“I wasn’t going to spend my own money on a pair of boots, so I decided that it would be a good idea to ask for them to Christmas. That way I can have the boots I’ve been wanting, but didn’t have to empty my wallet to do it. I needed them. I love my Ugg boots and wear them a lot,” Mccutchen said.

Ugg boots are comfortable and stylish for many people, especially in the winter when they keep people warm in harsher weather.

“My Uggs are my saving grace in the winter because they do a great job at keeping my feet warm. I wear them pretty much every week, and they were worth the price. Uggs are my favorite winter shoes by far, they do wonders, and that’s why I think they are so popular,” Mccutchen said.

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