A ‘tale as old as time’ shouldn’t change

by Kirsten Kraus | Staff Writer

She sits on the couch, flipping through the channels on the television. Not finding anything worth watching, junior Natasha Anderson decided to put in The Lion King, one of her favorite Disney movies.

Disney movies are still popular among teens, even years after the movie was released.
Disney movies are still popular among teens, even years after the movie was released.

Throughout the years, Disney Channel has transformed into a station barely recognizable by teens. By canceling the shows loved by many, Disney has refocused its audience, losing many more in the process.

“I watched Disney Channel when I was younger, but now I’m more into Disney movies,” Anderson said. “The shows on Disney channel got really uninteresting and don’t really appeal to me anymore. I always liked That’s So Raven and Phil of the Future, but those shows got cancelled.”

Some teens don’t like the way Disney Channel has abandoned its old program style and developed a completely different one.

“I don’t watch Disney Channel anymore. Now, Disney Channel is children themed sitcoms with talking dogs,” senior Quincy Chaney said.

Even though most teenagers don’t watch Disney Channel anymore, there are a few that do. Whether it’s the classic shows from their childhood or the new shows airing now, some students tune in to Disney Channel whenever they get a chance.

“I still watch Disney Channel,” sophomore Selina Fernandez de Lara said. “Even though the shows everybody loved got canceled, the new ones aren’t bad. I liked old shows like Kim Possible and Lizzie McGuire when I was younger, but I like the new shows now too.”

Unlike Disney Channel, Disney movies are still popular among most teenagers. The classic disney movies are a favorite to many, as well as the more recent movies.

“I saw Frozen in theaters when it first came out and I really liked it,” sophomore Cameron Prescott said. “It doesn’t have the ordinary disney movie theme, but rather spins off of old classics. The villains in disney movies are usually typical villains, like witches or evil step sisters, but in Frozen the only villain is within a character herself. The movie details conflicts that are relatable to teens, like growing up and problems within a family.”

Although Disney movies are aimed to draw the attention of children, teens and adults are still captivated by the animation marvels.

“Disney movies paint the picture of fairy tales I used to hear when I was younger, and it brings a feeling of nostalgia. The remake movies with a twist, like Tangled, to modernize them,along with making it attract a variety of people and age groups,” Anderson said. “Tangled told the story of a princess, but in a new and different way, which is why so many liked it.”

The animated films have been captivating their audience of all ages for more than 75 years. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937 to Frozen in 2013, Disney has never failed to fascinate their audience.

“I love Disney movies. There’s so many, and they’re all so good,” Anderson said. “My favorites are The Lion King and Cinderella, but the other ones are just as good.”

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