Flappy bird flies to the coop

Game Over
Flappy Bird’s common “Game Over” scren

by Jordan Herrera  | Staff Writer

The game Flappy Bird has been downloaded over 50 million times, and has led to a similar number of thrown phones and freak outs. The simple concept and overall difficulty has left just about everyone addicted, and fuming.

“Oh it’s evil. I had to delete it and I only played it 3 times,” Junior Sam Low said, “I got it because everyone was talking about it, and it seemed easy, but I was so wrong. I felt an addiction brewing, and only played it 3 times, I was getting mad and throwing my phone, it got really out of hand.”

The game has over 581,260 reviews, most of which are portrayals of how the game ruined their lives, made them smash their phones, and much worse. Johnson students seem to agree.

“That game actually ruined my life” Senior Kelsey Kickhafer said “ I play it about 50 times a day, at least, and my high score is still only 37, I don’t even know what makes it so hard to put down, but I can play it, loose, throw my phone and say words I didn’t even know I knew, and then immediately proceed to pick up and try again-it’s terrible.”

Even the game’s creator, Dong Nguyen, couldn’t handle the game (or the attention it was receiving) and yanked it off the app store. Since the absentee app, phones with the game installed have be selling for anywhere between $300 and $100,000, further proof of the games niccotine-like effects.

“The game is simple, fly a bird through some pipes and see how long you can last, easy right? Wrong,” Junior Joseph Bryant said, “ It’s harder than most things and that’s why we all love it, it adequately keeps us occupied, it’s a perfect time waster.”


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