Honestly now, do you cyber stalk?

Gloria Cueva|Staff Writer

Cyberstalking is the use of an electronic device to constantly look at someone’s page or profile. So how many of us are actually guilty of of cyberstalking, and how often do we do this?

“I think there are two kinds of cyber stalkers,” junior Megan Lazaga said. “Those that do it by accident to get a peek at who you are, or those that really want to know who you are, what you do, and just your information.”

So where does the transition from glancing to stalking come into play?

“It depends on how you look at it. I mean when I get a new follower on instagram I look at their list of pictures to see what they look like, but it’s not obsessive,” Lazaga said.

Celebrities on the other hand are a different story.

“I guess I stalk celebrities, but really who doesn’t? They have such cool, interesting things to look at, because their lives are nothing like ours, so it’s hard not to wonder what they do all the time,” Lazaga said.

Too much time on our hands, maybe that’s culprit to cyberstalking,

“Sometimes I catch myself on another profile, but I don’t do it on purpose. I just find myself wasting time,” Lazaga said.

Social media is how we function in society, but in some cases that may not be true.

“I don’t have any type of social media, so no I don’t cyberstalk at all,” sophomore Julia Ross said.

Social media leads to people just passing time staring at computer or phone screens.

“I mean people are always on their phones. I am too just with texting, but being on your phone takes up so much time, and I feel like I can be doing so much more with that wasted time,” Ross said.

Opinions can still formulate over cyberstalking even without any type of social media.

“I feel like if you have any type of social media you’re always going to ‘stalk.’ The temptation is always there,” Ross said. “Whether it is purposeful, or unconsciously. It’s kind of just how society is nowadays. We want to know everything about everyone.”

Privacy it seems no longer exist in society.

“We’ve lost all privacy. Nothing is private anymore. I think people need to really cut down on social media and cyberstalking,” Ross said. “It causes a lot of problems most of the time. People need to learn to start talking to one another again, and keep things to themselves when they need to.”


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