PSAT scores, how are you reacting?

 by Gloria Cueva | Staff Writer

You open the envelope that hold the answers  to your SAT scores that have been delivered. This is it. These scores can help decide what college you get into, you think back to when you were a junior and took your PSAT’s, do those scores matter too?

“I want to go to Texas A&M. I think it’s a really good school both academically and athletically,” junior Charley Mills said.

The PSAT’s may seem pointless, but Mills thinks otherwise.

“This is the test that gives us an idea on how we are going to do on the SAT’s. The PSAT also shows the areas we should work on to better our score,” Mills said. “So we can better our overall score on the SAT to help us get into the college we want.

With PSAT scores out, how are students reacting to them?

“I’m proud of myself, because my percentages were high, so the SAT should be a little easier for me,” Mills said. “If I would have done badly I would have been upset, because it’s exactly like the SAT.”

Students tend to freak out if test scores aren’t very good, but Mills has some words of advice.

“I would say if you didn’t do so well on your PSAT, don’t stress too much, because the SAT counts more,” Mills said. “So as long as you study and prepare for that one really hard you will be okay.”

Counselor, Catherine Broderick, has her own advice to give students on PSAT scores, and SAT’s.

“If you didn’t do so well there is always classes, workbooks, and online resources you can use to study,”  Broderick said.

PSAT’s may be important, but the SAT’s are even more important.

“PSAT’s are very crucial, but the SAT is what colleges really look at to help determine whether they want you to attend their college,” said Broderick “Along with applications, essays, and grades of course.”

The most important thing you can do is always try hard.

“The best thing you can do is always try your best,” said Broderick. “Not just on your PSAT’s and SAT’s but in class, at home, and at extracurricular activities. Colleges look at everything, so give a hundred percent on everything you do.”

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