Momma always said, ‘try new things’

By Mahek Khetani| Staff writer

In busy times like these, we have no time for anything other than our usual routine. But our bodies, (especially our stomachs) weren’t made for ruts like that. Which is why we at My Jag News have created a list of hotspots in San Antonio that make a good alternative to the usual Sonic and Starbucks.

Starbucks-Local coffee

Now as much as we all love waiting 10 minutes in line for the usual over-priced caramel macchiato, it’s time to accept that other coffee chains do exist. Local Coffee is the best

Interior setting of Local Coffee
Interior setting of Local Coffee

alternative because not only do they offer quality made coffees and espressos along with delicious pastries such as macarons, muffins and tarts, but they have the most bohemian vibe in all of San Antonio. Walking in, it automatically feels like you’ve stepped into one of those novels where you and your future lover accidentally grab the same latte and end up chatting about Fitzgerald or Thackeray all evening. And it’s only an estimated 12 minutes from Johnson, the exact amount of time it takes for Starbucks to even place your order.

One of many Eggs Benedicts Le Peep specializes in making
One of many Eggs Benedicts Le Peep specializes in making

Local Coffee San Antonio

Ihop-Le Peep

You know that feeling where it’s as if you were birthed into a royal family but somehow separated from them and are now forced to live among the commoners? Of course you do. But take that craving for elegance and express it in your breakfast. Le Peep, voted #1 breakfast and brunch by various papers and critics, offers the most succulent foods, such as Monte Cristo crepes, Belgian waffles, Eggs Benedict and much more. The cafe is located on Stone Oak Parkway but is only open from 7AM to 2:30PM.

Bubble tea and other beverages are available at Bubblehead
Bubble tea and other beverages are available at Bubblehead

Le Peep Restaurants – The Best Breakfast Food in the World

Jamba Juice-Bubblehead

Maybe juice bars are a bit too 1996 but Bubblehead manages to recreate the vintage setting into a spunky and modern hang out. Though it’s a tad further than convenient, it’s more than worth it. The bar has an endless menu, not only limited to fresh and natural smoothies but San Antonio’s best Bubble or ‘Boba,’ Tea, a chilled, frothy Taiwanese drink made with tapioca, milk/cream and other flavorings. It’s so Cali, we know, but it’s so chic.

Taco Cabana-Los Robertos

This one’s almost walking distance from Johnson High School, but what makes it even more perfect is both the authenticity and affordability of this family-friendly Mexican restaurant. The menu offers a variety of latin american foods, including their famous, ‘California Burrito,’ and other dishes, all having a pure and homemade taste, open all day, everyday. Located on TPC Parkway between Randolph Brooks and Sonic.

BJ’s-Meson Restaurant

Known as one of San Antonio’s “best kept secrets,” Meson European Dining offers the most haute and romantic French food in the Alamo city, owning the perfect setting for banquets,

Thee elegant environment of Meson European Dining
Thee elegant environment of Meson European

receptions or just a dinner for two. (Guys take note, your girlfriend is getting sick of takeout.) Next to Le Peep, this is also the best attraction to fulfill the ‘born as royalty’ emotion stated previously. The elegant cuisines are hand crafted by mod chefs, offering meals such as Les Escargots and Filet a la criolla. Make a reservation for you and your other half now, because trust us, bragging about your night here is sure to spark envy from your friends, and isn’t that all that really matters?

Meson European Restaurant – San Antonio


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