What exactly is a ‘glasshole’?

by Kyndal Tilman | Staff Writer

During this day and age, trends seem to get less and less predictable. Here at Johnson High School, the next big trend can never be predicted due to the changing minds of teenagers. Lately, many students have been wearing glasses more often, even if they don’t need them. Even though glasses use to be considered uncool, they are now becoming the next big trend.

“I think that glasses are becoming a thing because for the first time in a long time, the nerdy style is becoming a good thing. Nerdy is considered cute for people our age. But it is a very specific nerdy look that is popular,” junior Shelby Walker said.

Even though glasses are coming into style, going overboard with the “nerdy” look won’t turn out as well.

“Just a few years ago, nerdy was considered someone with braces, glasses, and who only cared about their school grades. That evolved into what is now a cute kind of nerdy, which is someone with glasses, but they have to have good style to go along with it. It’s funny how fashion evolves like that,” Walker said.

Needing glasses is one thing, but people even wear non prescription glasses because of this new trend. People who do this are  even not-so-lovingly being referred to as glassholes.

“I am proud to say that I have a pair of glasses that have absolutely no use other than looking cute. I think of them as an accessory. Even though I am very thankful for my great vision I like the look of glasses, therefore I am a glasshole,” Walker said.

Even though this style is becoming even more popular, sometimes it is taken overboard.

“I definitely have heard the term glasshole, but it doesn’t turn into a problem until it’s taken way too far. I’ve actually seen people wear glasses without lenses. The kind that if someone attempted to poke your eye, you would be in pain. I think that’s a little ridiculous. They look like they are toys for children,” Junior Tyler Olet said.

Despite the pretend glasses, the style is continuing, and will be around for a long time it seems.

“I like wearing my glasses now, but I use to hate it. I guess it’s because I’ve fallen short of the glasses trend. They’re pretty cool and I think they’re easier to wear than contacts, so why not take advantage of that while still looking cool,” Olet said.

New trend
Glasses are now considered stylish and trendy accessory.
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