Threat brings down daily attendance

by Justin Martinez | News Editor

A recent unspecified threat has resulted in a spike in absences on campus today.

Local police received an email about a possible threat of violence to an NISD elementary school on April 24. Although the police  informed the public that the threat was not fully credible, all schools within the district and San Antonio area were placed on high alert.

“Unfortunately I’m unable to disclose the exact decrease in attendance to a student, but I can say that there definitely has been an unusually large spike in absences today due to the threat,” attendance clerk  Marylu Bjornson said.  “However, it isn’t anywhere near how low the attendance is at certain elementary schools. Either way, the Johnson attendance today is undoubtably lower than usual.”

Faculty and staff were made aware of the threat near the end of the day Tuesday and reminded to stay vigilant while on campus.

“Because of this threat that the police received, all of the faculty has been instructed to be on heightened awareness throughout the school day in case anything does happen,” Bjornson said.

A threat of any kind to the safety of students is not taken lightly. The school has assured students that extra preparations have been made and today should go by as smoothly as any other at Johnson High School.

“Basically, everyone is alert and prepared to keep the students safe like always at Johnson,” Bjornson said.

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