Getting ready for swim season

by Kyndal Tillman | Staff Writer

The majority of people at Johnson High School are looking forward to warm weather and fun in the sun. With warm weather comes swimming, and with swimming comes bathing suits. After all of the candy filled holidays that just passed, many girls are regretting the amount of candy that was consumed when trying on bathing suits.

“It’s not out of the ordinary for girls to gain a few pounds or lose some muscle tone throughout the school year if you’re not in sports. Nobody has any motivation to workout in the cold weather, and after Valentines Day, Easter, and all of the unhealthy food, of course people are going to gain a few pounds or lose a little bit of toning ,” junior Quinn Goodman said.

Summer Fashion
One piece swimwear is coming back into style this summer.

Even though summer is always looked forward to, looking perfect in that cute bathing suit can be a little bit stressful.

“I am basically just going to eat less sugary things like candy, and focus on eating more salads and hit the gym every now and then. But I feel like this pressure to look good in a bathing suit is more of a physiological thing. I know so many girls who are stressed out about looking good in their suit, yet they’re tiny and would look good in anything,” Goodman said.

No matter what shape or size, all girls think they need to prepare themselves for swimwear so that they can look good.

“Even though I’m a small person, I still feel like I need to get ready for summer. Every girl has some sort of imperfection in their mind about their body. I don’t plan on dieting, I just want to gain a little bit of muscle. A little bit of leg muscle looks good on girls. But then again, there’s a difference between me wanting to workout, and me actually doing it. I will probably just end up waiting until it’s too late because that’s what I do every year,” junior Hannah Smith.

Preparing for summer by working out isn’t always the answer to looking good in a swimsuit. Sometimes confidence can make the way a person looks.

“I think that girls should choose a swimsuit that they feel comfortable in. If everyone did this, there wouldn’t be low self esteems and crash diets. This summer one pieces are becoming trendy. If you feel more comfortable in a one piece, wear it. And it doesn’t have to be an ugly swim team kind of bathing suit. There’s so many cute ones out there, everyone can find one that makes them feel pretty. Confidence is key,” Smith said.


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