Seniors barely hanging on after AP exams

by Caitlin Glenn | Staff Writer

It’s finally here. The day that seniors have been dreaming about for the better part of four years. The day that signals that students across campus can take a breath and know that all their hard work has paid off: the end of AP exams.

And with the end of AP testing comes the end of something else: seniors’ will to do anything remotely related to school.

What even remains for seniors once AP exams are finished? What could seniors possibly have to worry about?

“Not really anything,” senior Emily Moravits said. “I’m kind of done. We’re just looking forward to graduation.”

That is the general consensus of most seniors. After all, they’ve dedicated four years’ worth of blood, sweat, and tears to get to this point, and they most certainly deserve to enjoy their last few weeks in the halls of Johnson.

Once seniors finish their AP exams, there will be very little for them to worry about.
Once seniors finish their AP exams, there will be very little for them to worry about.

“I’ll probably just be hanging out with friends because all my applications and everything are already done,” senior Elise Niederauer said. “I’ve already filled out everything for housing so now I just wait until I hear about that. I can just kind of relax now.”

Despite the sense of relief and laziness that will inevitably accompany the end of AP testing, seniors can’t relax completely. They’re not in college yet; passing all classes is still required to graduate. Some schools can even revoke admission and scholarships if a student doesn’t maintain their academic performance through the end of school.

“You have to focus on attendance, make sure you’re actually going to school so you don’t have too many absences,” senior Christina Werkle said. “Also, you need to make sure you’re passing your classes. So many seniors just think ‘oh, I don’t have to do any if my homework,’ but you still do because you have to pass.”

“We still count students absent and it counts against them,” Mrs. Montalvo, coordinator of saturday school at Johnson, said. “Sometimes grade averages will go down, and then students have to take their exams. They can also go to ISS, and if they get into serious trouble they won’t be able to walk the stage at graduation.”

But at the end of it all, when all the academic and extracurricular responsibilities have been met, only one thing remains for the seniors: making the most of the time they’ve got left.

“I just think you should be making the end if your senior year memorable,” Werkle said. “Not doing anything stupid, but still having fun.”

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