What are you saying? Your guide to the newest slang

by Mahek Khetani | Staff Writer

Are you ever at lunch with your friends and they’re just spewing out words or phrases that makes Shakespeare seem like kindergarten material? Well have no fear, thou shall soon learnth the 2014 lingo that makes us all wish we lived on a different planet.

Warning:These are not meant to be used by those over the age of 30. If this applies to you, please seek out other stories that involve homemade recipes or ‘Breaking Bad.’

“Throw Shade”-

To indirectly or subtly diss someone, usually done through social media posts by girls with way too much time on their hands.

Origin: Verb form of the word ‘shady’

Example: “Oh my gosh, did you see what Carlos’ ex posted? She was totally throwing shade at him and his new girlfriend, it was hilarious!”

“Or nah”

A rhetorical and irritating remark that is usually followed by a plain yes or no question.

Origin – an uncomfortably titled rap song that no one is typing because we enjoy having a clean record.

Example –“Do ya wanna go and get some coffee… Or nah?”


A verb used to express a fangirl’s approval of certain couples. Not to be confused with the noun “OTP” meaning one true pairing.

Origin – Tumblr users who watch way too much British Television

Example- “Omg, I totally ship Stefan and Elena after watching the last episode of The Vampire Diaries, they are totally my new OTP!”

“I can’t even”

 Expressing one’s inability to comprehend the current situation. Similar to being speechless but not being able to “even” only applies to situations such as a new One Direction music video being released or Starbucks having a new drink.

Origin: Like most annoying things, Tumblr users.

Example: “Tracie, you’ll never believe what just happened! Harry Styles totally just winked at me at the concert last night, I literally can’t even!”

“But dat ___ tho”

A phrase that usually refers to a silver lining in an otherwise inconvenient situation.

Origin: *sighs* Viners…

Example: “Dude, I just spent the last of my money on that trip to L.A.”

                 “Yeah, but dat coastline tho.”

“Shots fired”

A response given when a person ‘burns’ or disses another.

Origin: sassy people on the internet.

Example: Person 1: “Omg, so I’m totally gonna be a Victoria’s secret model, my agency said I’ll be getting fitted for my wings any day now.”

Person 2: “Yeah, Buffalo Wings, fattie.”

Person 3: “Shots fired.”

(Yeah so we stole that scenario from Nash Grier, who are you to judge?)

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