Textbook turn in: got books?

by Jason Sirovina | Staff Writer

The textbook turn in date is approaching for the students. Although the official dates start on May 27 it is not too early to begin the turn in process. For the end of the school year is right around the corner.

“Students can return their books if they are finished with them now. However, I suggest they hold on to them until the actual dates to study for their exams because they cannot get their books back after they’re turned in,” secretary Grace Montalvo said.

The guidelines for turn in are mostly the same with the exception for the seniors. Seniors can turn in books starting on the same day but have a specialized lunch period on the 27 just for their turn in.

“The textbooks drop off is a six day period starting on May 27 through the last day of school and the times are before school and during lunches. As for seniors they must be mindful of any missing books and have fines paid because they have to be accounted for in order to graduate,” assistant principal Stuart Guthrie said.


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