Johnson faculty pucker up for fellow teacher

by Caitlin Glenn | Staff Writer

Students around campus know Jennifer Jones for many things. She coached many students during their days at Tejeda, she teaches U.S. history here at Johnson, and she is one of sponsors for the campus’ highly successful Student Council.

Last week, however, the teacher encountered an unpleasant and unexpected injury.

“Coach Jones tore her ACL and broke her tibia during the Hoop It Up game,” StuCo officer Kaelin Biediger said.

“Someone landed on her and broke her ankle,” fellow StuCo officer Jackie Hodde added.

After hearing the news, many students were understandably upset, so the Student Council decided to try and help out by holding a fundraiser to help pay for Jones’ medical expenses. However, this fundraiser is different from anything Johnson has ever done.

kiss the pig table
Money for the fundraiser was collected during all three lunches.

“I did this at another school before so I thought it would be a good idea,”  special education coordinator Teri Wilson said. “We wanted to do something that would collect money without a lot of out-of-pocket expenditures so that we could get the most to Coach Jones.”

“We basically have a list of teachers who have signed up to do this, and kids are donating money at all lunches, and whichever teacher gets the most money has to kiss an animal,” Biediger said. “It will either be a goat or a pig, so a student could be like, “’I want $10 to Ms. Trevino,’ or something like that.”

The fundraiser may be a bit unorthodox, but students and teachers across the campus are enthusiastically onboard.

“I think it’s really great that we’re doing something for Coach Jones since she always does so much for us, even more than most people probably realize,” StuCo member Loryn Lopez said.

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