Shorter hair the latest thing

by Kyndal Tillman | staff writer

Just a few months ago, long hair was a big deal. Every girl wanted long and luscious hair. With the recent celebrity influences, short hair is making its way back up into the fashion world. One by one girls are ditching the long hair and resorting to the shoulder length hair, short and long bobs, and even pixie cuts.

“I cut my hair a few weeks ago because I saw that it was coming into style. When I was middle school aged, I had really short hair and loved it. Short hair is just easier to deal with, and doesn’t take very long in the mornings. Right now my hair is shoulder length, but I have seen a lot of celebrities work the pixie cuts, which I could never pull off,” junior Erin Drew said.

Though many girls are chopping off their long hair, cutting it too short can be a regretful decision to a lot of teenage girls.

“Even though I use to love my short hair, I regret cutting it so much. It’s cute and all, but for me personally, it gets really annoying. It falls in my face when I leave it down, but it’s too short to throw up in a ponytail without having to work at it a lot. I’m sure a lot of girls have this problem. When girls cut their hair, they often don’t think about how they’ll feel about short hair later on. Girls always need to think about these things,” Drew said.

Although short hair may get in the way at times, there is no denying that the trend will continue to grow.

“I think that many girls can rock the short hair. Especially now that summer is approaching and summer weather has already kicked into gear, short hair can only be a good thing. Nobody wants to be more heated than they have to with long thick hair,” junior Kaelin Biediger said.

Even though teenage girls don’t want to admit it, the public eye has a lot of influence on the choices they make, especially fashion related ones. Everyone has that little part in them that wants to look similar to A-listers.

Short hair
Celebrities like Julianne Hough are setting the examples of the newly popular short hair look.

“I cut my hair mainly because I think the look is cute. I never really thought about cutting it until I saw all of the celebs doing it. I use to want to grow it out, because that’s what was in, but short hair looks effortless and cute at the same time. That’s why I love it so much,” Biediger said.


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