Crazy Oreos
These outrageously flavored cookies took the tasting panel on a journey.

New takes on a classic treat

by Lexi Rosaseditor-in-chief

We have all been there. You are walking down the cookie aisle at Target, expecting to buy a package of classic Oreos-two chocolate cookies sandwiching a vanilla cream filling. But when you approach the display of Oreos, you are accosted with a variety of the latest flavors. There are combinations that sound like a gift from the heavens, and fillings that no dessert should ever know. Flavors such as: Banana Split, Limeade, Chocolate Cream (a Golden Oreo), and a Birthday Cake Oreo.

After being shocked by the above flavors, it was decided that a class sampling should be done. After a taste test between these four cookies it was decided that Birthday Cake was the best tasting, Chocolate Creme was a close second, Banana Split came in third place, and finally Limeade was dead last, with only one fan.

Banana Split: At first bite, on can appreciate the taste of banana as it mixes with both the Golden Oreo and the classic chocolate cookie. But as the cookie continues, the faux banana begins to resemble banana Laffy Taffy, and the strawberry cream just tastes sour. At first bite, this sweet treat can make anyone believe that they are enjoying a classic dessert, but reality soon hits as the crunchy texture and muted flavors reveal that it is just an Oreo.

Chocolate Creme: This cookie is a refreshing change. It’s the inverse of an oreo and it may even melt in your mouth. While this cookie is definitely aesthetically pleasing, it appears to be a cheap take on the classic Oreo style. One taste tester even reported that, “It tastes like the type of cookie that cheap moms would buy for the class.”

Limeade: There are some places that a cookie just shouldn’t go. With a tangy filling between two golden Oreo cookies, this cookie does taste like limeade…but that doesn’t make it good. This flavor should stay away from the dessert aisle and stick to being that classic Sonic drink that we all know and love.

Birthday Cake: Closest to the original, it’s as though this cookie got trapped at a party and came out with so much sugar that not even Willy Wonka’s dentist would know how to help it out. The flavoring of this cookie is spot on from start to finish, but it is leading to a grand question: Should we stick to eating birthday cake with utensils and not smashed between two cookie?


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