Jags clinch playoffs in dramatic fashion

by Mac Paquette | sports editor

The Johnson Jags football team have qualified for the playoffs for the second year in a row. Taking note from last year, the Jags clinched a spot in dramatic fashion, beating the Madison Mavericks in triple overtime.

“It was the first triple overtime game I participated in, it felt like it would never end.  We were very fortunate to hang on for the win,” junior Abraham Garcia said.

The 20-14 win put the Jags at a 4-4 record, with a 3-1 record in district.  Madison was entering the game at 3-5, and knew they had no room for error, which meant that the game against Johnson was a must win for the team.

“It was an intense game against Madison, we were extremely happy we were able to come out with a win, they’re a tough team,” senior Brett LaCombe said.

For many players, this was the first overtime game they had participated in, let alone a triple overtime game.  Emotions and nerves set in even more in these situations, and the Jags were able to capitalize.

“It was a great team victory, all sides of the ball played a good game, and finished in a crazy way. I was really proud of how we played,” senior Duncan Graber said.

Playoffs for the Jags means more than just an extension of the season for the players; it is a testament to the team’s determination and focus after starting the season off on a rough note.

“We’ve rebounded really well since starting the season off without a win. There were a lot of people who were negative about how our season was going to go, and we’ve been able to prove them wrong,” senior Alec Huntley said.


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