Film Club welcomes students with a passion for creativity

by Amon Jackson | staff writer

Are you looking for some creativity in your life? Do you love to write stories, ever wanted to make your own movie, or are you an artist that’s wanted to do more with your skills?

Johnson currently offers a wide variety of clubs to students who are looking to let their creativity flow. Student led, this club encourages students to take creativity into their own hands.

Sophomore Micaela Murphy is the vice-president of the Film Club that’s been on campus for two years now.

“Basically, Film Club is a club where you just make a lot of movies. You have to write the movies as well and you shoot them yourself, most of the time we use the members of our club as actors in our movies,” Murphy said.  “Although we are a small club right now, we are gaining numbers as we go.”

Even though the club is small right now, it’s still just as lively as an other group at Johnson.

“Well there’s a lot of crazy, weird people in our club,” Murphy said. “A lot of the times our meetings are pretty light hearted. There’s a lot of great people in our club too, and with a lot of talent in there it’s just a really great club to be in.”

And according to Murphy, the club is welcome to any and all students with a passion for creativity.

“Yeah, pretty much anyone who’s interested in film can join,” Murphy said. “Just as long as you don’t just kinda stand there and do nothing you’re welcome to join the club.”

Senior Kase Duggan former President of the Film Club revived the club this year, after it had been less than they had expected in terms of success.

“At the end of last year things weren’t going as well as I’d liked them to, but we gave it a little kick start this year, and things are going way better then any point last year.”

Duggan likes and hopes to edit and make films in the future.

“ I plan on going to college for film,” Duggan said “I like filming stuff, I like editing stuff, I like the whole process. The fun part is being creative and just seeing your idea come to life as a film.”

This club is sponsored by Amber Padilla. She teaches Simulcast, Animation,AVP,Principles of Art AV Technology and Communications. Padilla feels that her students don’t have enough time to be creative.

“In audio/video production there’s not enough time to do the fun stuff that I really like for some students to do and be able to do expensive creativity. So if they can come to the after school club then they have more time and more leeway on what they can do and videos and films they can make and produce,” Padilla said.

“I think the creativity and when you throw out a idea and to see it actually come to life is a lot of fun and see how everybody works together to approach it and get a video done and edit it,” Padilla said.




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