Unifying JHS with a ball and rivalry

by Grey Burrell | staff writer

Each year, trash talking ensues between a group of haughty seniors and faculty. Each side trying to channel their inner Michael Jordan, these heated remarks lead up to the Senior vs. Faculty basketball game.

“Seniors have an opportunity to sign up for the Seniors Vs. Faculty basketball game in classroom A353 next week, January 26 through the 30,” English teacher Megan Stokes said. “The game itself is on February 26.”

Senior Chris Welch
Palming a basketball and preparing for this year’s senior vs. faculty game.

In years past, proceeds from the Senior vs. Faculty basketball game have gone to Leukemia and Lymphoma society, and other senior related fundraisers. For this year’s game, it is still undecided as to where the proceeds will be going.

“The basketball game in years past excluding last year have been always a fundraiser for the senior class to fund more activities for the senior class.” Stokes said.

The game has been an ongoing activity for second semester seniors before they graduate.

“The game itself is tradition…to promote a sense of unity between the students and faculty, especially outside of the classroom,” Stokes said.

World history teacher Justin Felux is getting ready for this years game with as much trash talk and confidence as ever.

“Participating is one way of saying it,” Felux said. “…dominating and controlling every level of the game is how I would describe it.”

Felux’ confidence is further proven as he predicts this years outcome.

“I expect the outcome to be somewhere in the range of 500 – 2, and I’m being generous with the 2,” Felux said. “I don’t

want to be arrogant and assume that it will be a total close out, but I will give them the 2 points.”

Justin Felux
Justin Felux shows his confidence through trash-talk.

In recent years, Felux had claimed to have converted to Buddhism before a game, and he did not want to promote or indulge in any violence during said game.

“My conversion to Buddhism was pretty short lived actually, because after the game there were a few seniors that were talking trash claiming that we had lost, also some other lies,” Felux stated. “So for the sake of the game I had to renounce my faith about 2 hours.”

Felux likes to enforce his supreme basketball skills, and had these words for the senior class before the game takes place.

“I usually like to let my game do the talking, but they better start counting down the days until this game, because their dignity is like a ticking time bomb,” said Felux. “…and they better enjoy the last few months of dignity they have because that’s all they’ve got.”

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