The fault in modern feminism

by Mahek Khetani| arts and entertainment editor

With publications like Time magazine wanting to ban the word feminist from their publications, we’re starting to wonder if the movement has given itself too much of a negative connotation, and if so, why?

The resurgence of the movement has challenged many perceptions of females in society, with results that have created social awareness towards things such as pro-choice, rape, and other issues regarding feminism.

The vast apprehension of the movement is something that of course needs to be commended, however the opposing argument is that feminism isn’t actually dealing with women’s rights, because their focus is put on nonessential factors such as dress code, body image and sexual liberation.

“To be honest, I think they’re really just first world problems, they don’t really contribute to the overall concept of feminism, it doesn’t bring up the image of what equality should be and it’s not helping, it’s just nit-picking. Bring on bigger issues to focus on, things that almost every woman has to go through, like sexual harassment. Thats a big thing that happens, I have been a victim of sexual harassment in middle school and i never told anyone, i just blew it off, thats an issue that needs to be addressed,” said junior Julia Ross.

The modern concept of feminism has almost been twisted into something with almost no effect. Whether its protesting a fashion show and yelling degrading words at models for the sake of body image reappeals, or its boycotting Lana Del Rey’s album because she refuses to call herself a feminist.

“I think the topics like sexual liberation come from celebrities, for example the anaconda video, a lot of people say that is an image of feminism because Nicki Minaj is letting it all out, and she’s a woman, she can do what she wants, but its not feminism- just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should, just because its ‘feminism,’ thats the image that has been broadcasted to girls everywhere, and they think that because we’re women we can do what we want, because feminism. They use it as an excuse rather than what it really is, I don’t think the modern image of feminism now, which is ‘oh we’re woman,’ let it all out, conveys what it is… keep yourself to a different stature than just ‘letting it all out’, you’re a woman so be professional,” said Ross.

Sexual liberation is never something to be shied away from, but it’s being thrown around like a necessity. Junior Katrina Oliver explained that feminism is able to coexist with traditional and modest lifestyles without being associated with “oppression.”

“With some forms of feminism, they hit the concept that you need to be free and wear whatever you please, but apparently that doesn’t involve women who want to cover up, because apparently that just means they’re being controlled by the ‘patriarchy’” Oliver said.

Quotations on the word patriarchy because we’re really iffy as to whether or not the U.S. has to deal with a system of society in which the men hold the power and women are completely excluded from it.

Is sexism alive and well? Yes. Will feminist movements among today’s youth aid that? Without a doubt. But when it starts picking on things like dress code and Victoria’s Secret models, what does that do for the women in need of education, health reforms and sexual safety. The first world notion of feminism has belittled the true objective to, dare we say, complaining.

“Honestly I think everyone already has equality here, as opposed to other countries, women can do whatever they want here. And I’m muslim, so I know that in some Islamic environments girls are supposed to be conservative and shy, not supposed to look at guys and be very delicate, and then here everybody can be the opposite, and that’s okay. But then over in other countries the girls are always hidden behind their dad or their husband” said junior Alizeh Shah.

The millennials of the world have taken such a great passion towards the subject, trending things like #YesAllWomen and #HeForShe and speaking out against sexual assault and abuse, but the faults come to light when we reduce such a powerful movement to a weaker stature. We’re here to reform the world, not nit-pick its flaws.

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