Coming to theaters near you February

by Amon Jackson | staff writer

Well its the month of love again. And here at My Jag News we are giving you another set of movies that you guys and girls can check out with that special someone. Just please make sure its not 50 Shades.

50 Shades of Grey

Feb 13, 2015

You guys have already heard me talk about this movie so all you need know is don’t see this movie with anybody. I mean you can see it with your friends but it would be super awkward and by the end of the movie you will be best friends for life and no longer feel uncomfortable around each other again. Or it could go completely South and you never talk about the movie or to them again. Basically what I’m saying is just go see it by yourself. If you’re expecting me to put a trailer here, you’re funny.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Feb 13, 2015

Have you been waiting for spy movie that isn’t all dark and gritty, or a spy movie parody where they just makes fun of everything you love about spy movies. Well, The Kingsman has a little bit of of comedy and everything else you love about spy movies, gadgets, nice cars, expensive suits, and British accents. This movie will probably be the second best spy movie of the year. If you’re wondering why it won’t be number one is because the next 007 film (James Bond) will also be coming out this year. Check out the trailer here


Feb 20, 2015

Everyone knows about it, no girl wants to be it, and now they’re making a movie about it. Everyone knows about the jocks, geeks, the mean girls and the bad kids in high school. But no one ever talks about The Duff (Designated Ugly Fat Friend). In this movie Bianca (Mae Whitman) discovers that she is a duff and she asks Wesley (Robbie Amell) to help her become a pretty girl. Check out the trailer here


Feb 20, 2015

This past year ended with a handful of movies based on real events. Now they have one the whole family can go see. McFarland is a story about this group of hispanic teenagers that work on a farm everyday after school. Then when a new coach comes to their high school, he finds they have potential and starts a cross country team, bonding the people of McFarland, Texas regardless of where they came from. Check out the trailer here


Feb 26, 2015

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a heist movie where it’s not all about running into a bank and taking hostages. Finally, we get to see a heist movie where its all about outsmarting your target to get the big score that makes everyone rich. Nicky (Will Smith) a expert con man and he takes Jess Barrett (Margot Robbie) under his wing and teaches her the skills of being a con man. Check out the here

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