A ‘Hot Tub’ you will want to disinfect

by Amon Jackson | staff writer

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is a sequel to 2010 comedy Hot Tub Time Machine. I’m not going to lie-the first movie was pretty funny and I loved all the 80’s references. But as soon as I heard about the sequel I threw up in my mouth…just a little. This is one of those instances in which a sequel is disastrous.

This movie is super random and you forget the plot do to all the uncoordinated events taking place. And it’s not a funny kind of hodgepodge of events, I mean there really is no direction. Lou (Rob Corddry), Jacob (Clark Duke), and Nick (Craig Robinson), go into the hot tub this second time to prevent Lou’s murder. Lou, clinging to life, is suffering from a shotgun injury to the crotchal region. One may think that such an injury would motivate the group to focus on finding a solution, but as soon as they get to the future they quickly forget why they’re even there.

Once in the future, they start looking for any possible leads to find Lou’s killer- well, for about five minutes that is. Then they spend about 10 minutes making “you look like…” jokes and making fun of Jacob for being a nerd. And thats basically it. They just run around the future acting out a designless plot, not even focusing on why they are there. The previews lead the viewer to believe that this movie would at least have the characters jump between different time periods, but no they stay in the future the whole movie.

The verdict for this movie is one out of four Jag Paws. This movie is not worth the ridiculous amount of money that is charger by movie theatres. Save your money. Save your time.


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