March Madness 2015

by Samuel Abbas | sports editor

Final Four predictions
Final Four predictions

With Warren Buffett and Quicken Loans not offering the $1 million they offered last year for anyone who could create a perfect bracket, fans may not be as intrigued to enter their picks. But there are plenty of other opportunities if you’re still in it for the money. Many people will enter their picks but few will even make it out of the first round with a perfect bracket.

“I don’t have too many upsets in my bracket because it’s obvious in most games who will win. I have Kentucky going all the way because they were undefeated the whole season and hard to pick against them,” junior Alex Moreno said.

Some people like to use algorithms and other tactics to try and predict the brackets while others base their brackets off of ESPN experts and celebrity brackets. People usually like to pick one team and stick with them throughout the tournament.

“I’m a big Texas fan so I have them going farther than probably a lot of people predict. I think Texas has a good chance to make it to the elite 8, but there’s so many good teams that it’s hard to pick a perfect bracket,” senior Christian Quintanilla said.

Traditionally people pick the teams they think will win and have one bracket that they think will have the best chance of winning. In more recent years, people have tried to create multiple brackets with different outcomes to give them the best chance possible to win.

“I’ve made all my picks and I think my bracket is pretty good,” Coach James Feicht said. “I only made one bracket with my best picks and I feel confident with them. Some people make multiple brackets to get better chances at winning but I think my bracket will be pretty good.”

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