Coming to theater near you in March/April

by Amon Jackson | staff writer

Hello again, Johnson students. It’s time for our usual preview of the movies you might want to catch while they’re still on the big screen.

While We’re Young

March 27

We hope you like Ben Stiller because he’s back with Naomi Watts in this Dramedy. Josh (Ben Stiller) and his wife Cornelia(Naomi Watts) realize they’re getting old after they meet a young couple, Darby (Amanda Seyfried) and Jamie(Adam Driver). Josh and Cornelia start to hang out with the young couple to make themselves feel younger than they actually are. Check out the trailer here

Get Hard

March 27

A wealthy white business man finds himself convicted of fraud, being sent to prison in his near future. His plan: ask a man who looks like he has served time to assist him in surviving the gangs in the big house. The only problem is, Darnell Lewis(Kevin Hart) hasn’t served any time at all. Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell spend time in this movie preparing Will Ferrell’s character for prison by turning him into a hardcore gangster. This movie actually looks like it’s going to be funny so make sure you check it out. Check out the trailer here

Furious 7

April 3

Even though I wish they would stop making so many of these movies, I also can’t wait for this movie to come out. The first three Fast and the Furious movies were all about racing, gangsters and dodging the cops. Now they’re about international crimes and nice cars. After Brian (Paul Walker) and Mia ( Jordana Brewster) crash the bus that was taking Dom (Vin Diesel) to prison. They end up in Brazil and decide to get the whole crew together and rob a local gangster for all his money. Now that they’re millionaires you would think they were done but no, in the sixth movie they have to hunt down a very dangerous ex-military special ops guy you know how it goes. And now they’re being hunted by his older brother in the seventh movie in the franchise. If you’re wondering, yes, Paul Walker will be in this movie and they are not killing off his character. He may be deceased, but they want his spirit to live on in the movies. Check out the trailer here


April 17

If you thought Hollywood finally stopped making paranormal movies you were wrong. In this film, someone (or something) takes over Laura Barnes’ account after she committed suicide because she was cyber bullied. The thing or person that takes over her account traps the people who are responsible for her suicide on video chat and starts killing them one by one. Check out the trailer here



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