Finding the right dress

by Mahek Khetani|arts and entertainment editor

Searching for a prom dress is probably one of the most stressful things a teenage girl goes through, now more than ever considering the circumstances of one of our favorite boy bands.

The solution to your prom predicament is simple. Because though we cannot revive your motivation to divulge in sequins and satin, we can help you make the process a lot easier with some helpful tips. (Trust us, it’s what Zayn would’ve wanted)

The handiest tool to help you out is right there in your hand. There’s a myriad of apps that let you break down what you’re looking for.

WhereToGet is a great app for those of you who are still hunting for a dress. The app allows you to post a dress or explore other dresses and users comment with links to where the dress can be ordered. But if you’re just searching for something to get an idea of what you want, Wanelo lets you browse by store or style, and save what you love. Other apps like Polyvore, Vinted, and Stylekick are absolute saviors.

Even when you get the dress, the fun isn’t over. Because while getting a custom made dress is perfect (ly expensive), a simple alteration is mostly what you’ll need. If you know thats gonna be the case, order your dress a size bigger because its much easier to remove fabric than it is to add on. The horror of your seamstress adding indigo fabric to a violet dress is all too real…

And we don’t need to tell you what looks good and what doesn’t, nor does anyone else. If it’s a basic black mini with a cute clutch, awesome.

If it’s something similar to 2010 Lady Gaga, we applaud your dedication. (just don’t go Katy Perry on us, there can only be one alpha.)

Our only request is that you keep it school appropriate. Both appeal and behavior. If you wouldn’t do/wear it in front of your conservative grandmother, don’t do it at prom.


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