National signing day hits JHS

by Samuel Abbas | staff writer

Eight Johnson high school students have recently signed to schools where they will play their sports respectively next year. These athletes have been training since the beginning of the year and have stayed dedicated to what they do, ultimately resulting in a reward to help them pursue their sport in the future.

“I feel very relieved to have finally signed to a school where I really wanted to go. I’m relieved to know all my hard work and dedication has finally paid off,” senior Marshall Martin said.

Most athletes have signed with schools in Texas, but a few have decided to venture further than Texas in their athletic careers. One of those athletes is senior Amber Stearns.

“It will be easier getting adjusted to a new home because I have moved around a lot through the years. I think i’m going to like being in a new area and a different environment,” Stearns said.

All of the athletes at Johnson will be attending the school they chose next fall, except for senior Amber Stearns who will transfer at the end of the first semester. She will be attending Boston College and starting her collegiate athletic career there in the second semester.

“I am transferring to Boston College at the end of the first semester. I feel a sense of relief and happiness to have finally signed because I’ve been verbally committed for a while and it just feels good,” senior Amber Stearns said.

Athletes know there is a different level of competition in collegiate sports. They will need to compete at a much higher level than before to succeed in their sport and mesh with their team to build good chemistry.

“It will be way more competitive at the collegiate level, and a different environment. There will be more of a workload, but there will be much more time to practice and compete to get better,” Martin said.

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