Jag Jamboree is around the corner

by Max Rios | staff writer

With the end of the school year just around the corner, school festivals’ return. This year the Jag-a-thon will be canceled but will be replaced with a new kind of Jag Jam. The revamped Jag Jamboree will have a new twist on it; the activities will move kids around, keeping everyone on their feet.

The entire Jamboree will be a Jaguar community event, inviting all the schools in the Jag community to be apart of the event. The Jamboree will be kid friendly, allowing elementary schools to participate as well. The Cubs Corner will host games such as soccer matches and other small team events. The rest of the Jamboree will have activities such as a rock wall and other games as seen in past Jag Jams. All of this fun will be topped with fun music and a D.J..

Raising money is the goal for the Jaguar Pride Association, lowering the amount students in sports have to pay in the beginning of the year. Not only is JPA fundraising but clubs are allowed to participate in the Jamboree. Clubs around the school can host their own section of the event, selling products or just advertising.

Jag Jamboree will be hosted on May 9 and will be open for students to volunteer. The Cub’s Corner is looking for help and students apart of the sport teams will be helping out with some of the activities.

If you want to volunteer to participate in Jag Jam, you can contact Cathy Duncan at celduncan@utexas.edu

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