Let the games begin: JHS Assassins underway

by Max Rios | staff writer

He’s been sitting inside of Dunkin Donuts for the past hour awaiting his weekly arrival. It’s been two hours but his entrance into the hustling, fast food bakery sealed the deal with a swift pull to the trigger. He assassinated my target.

With the end of the year rolling around, seniors anticipated the sign up date to be apart of JHS Assassins. This is the second year JHS Assassins has been in effect at Johnson, and students are excited to make some cash or just win bragging rights.

“The game practically is a senior only game. What you do is get assigned a target from student council and it kinda goes in a circle where you have someone and somebody else will have you, so it is continuous thing and you practically just have to go after that person. You only get ten days to do it and it has to be a variation of water guns so no hoses or water balloons,” senior Eric Williamson said.

After getting assigned a target, you have ten days to shoot your target. If you miss the ten day deadline, you are eliminated from the games. If you successfully assassinate your target, you are reassigned a target and the game continues.

The way-to-play was to talk to Rachel Gawlik and sign up with a $5 fee. The five dollars goes towards the total cash prize, depending on how many people sign up. This total cash prize is then split upon two winners. The winners are decided on the most kills and the last survivor. The cash prize can vary from $500 to $700, depending on how many people participate in the competition.

“Whoever are the last people, the one that has the most kills and the person who is last man standing, they both get half of the money,” Eric adds on.

All sorts of water guns can be used, however, hoses, water balloons, and other non-water gun weapons can’t be used. This makes ways to assassinate your target quite clever.

JHS Assassins continues as students are taken down one at a time.
JHS Assassins continues as students are taken down one at a time.

Senior Kaelin Biediger was assassinated at a local Whataburger when she slipped on a puddle, requiring her to fill out an agreement to not sue their business. As this was not intentional, the game still went on with one more kill on the Assassin’s list.

More information on JHS Assassins can be found on their Twitter.


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