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Since the beginning of the semester, students have been striving to keep up above the 3 day absence limit and keeping their grades up to standards. These are the requirements for exempting the semester exams.

Students are to get signatures from their teachers and report the form back to the office before May 15. Failure to do so will prevent students from turning it in on a later date and also not allowing them to exempt any of their exams.

Some exams, such as the language ones, only allow students to exempt a part of it. This is due to most of the teacher’s discretion. This is not the case for other classes such as English and Math classes. These exams allow students to exempt the entire thing.

Dual credit courses can be exempted in both semesters, but AP courses can be exempted in the second semester, but not the first.

Students can use the graph to see if they can exempt any of the semester exams.

Students can use the graph to see if they can exempt any of the semester exams.

Let this serve as reminder to the underclassmen. When senioritis hits you like a speeding train, it may leave you struggling through every single exam.

If after requesting an exam, more absences are made and the grade does not improve according to the chart, exemptions can be revoked.


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