2015: A year in review

by Kirsten Kraus | feature editor

ALS isearchce bucket challenge We dumped buckets of ice cold water on our heads, drenching our clothes and our bodies. But it was all for a good cause. Many of the challenge participants participated because “everyone else was doing it”and didn’t really know why it was a thing. But there was an actual goal for this challenge and that was to raise awareness for ALS. This social media driven challenge achieved its goal and even raised over $100 million dollars for the ALS Association.


Ebola The month when the whole country was afraid to board an airplane. This deadly virus was contracted in Western Africa and brought back to the U.S. via plane. People everywhere were in a panic, misdiagnosing minor headaches and chills for the deadly signs of ebola.

images-1iPhone 6 The iPhone 6 came out in September 2014. The nation was in bliss when we all switched out our iPhone 5s’s for the bigger and longer iPhone 6. The higher quality camera allows basic teenagers to take higher resolution photos of their every meal and post them to Instagram.


U2 album The world was confused when the mysterious U2 album appeared on every iPhone. Most of our generation hasn’t even heard of U2, they’re just as irrelevant as the other 4 members of Maroon 5.


o-CALIFORNIA-DROUGHT-facebookCalifornia Drought This just in. California is officially running out of water. Unfortunately, this tragic drought had to happen where water is typically $3 for a bottle that came from the oh so “organic” springs. Not only are Californians thirsty, they’re also going poor. Needless to say, California’s aren’t able to keep their grass fresh and green. 


Zayn separated from One Direction on March 26, 2015 for personal reasons.

Zayn leaving One Direction Probably the most tragic event of the year. Zayn left One direction, his band of 4 years, on March 25 in order to “have a normal life, but is actually pursuing a solo career. This left millions of teenage girls crying and searching for their purpose in life.



imagesSecond royal baby Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Cambridge was born on May 2, 2015. All eyes were on Kate and William when they found out they were expecting a new baby, about a week before the birth. Princess Charlotte won’t have to worry about the title though, she’ll never be queen.


Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge People everywhere are trying to make their lips look like Kylie Jenner’s. To do this you attach a small glass to your mouth (most people use shot glasses) and suck. Everyone wants to have to have huge swollen lips, but they don’t know that with this comes enormous bruises and in some cases, lots and lots of blood.



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