Super titles for superheroes

by Grey Burrell | staff writer

Lately, a whole load of really intense movies are coming out, but they seem to all be about famous super heroes. Marvel and DC, the leading comic book corporations, seem to be having it out by way of films.

Marvel has been steady with their releases, such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Avengers. These movies have all been highly successful, making hundreds of millions of dollars, and Avengers making over 1 billion box office (worldwide). Ant-Man, another new superhero film is also soon to be released. Marvel also has plans for movie release for roughly the next 9 years, which causes much anticipation for those years to come.

Due to this extremely fast releasing of films, almost every year as a matter of fact, DC has been far behind in their installments, with their latest release being Man of Steel (2013). DC has been more based on animated television series, and live action series primarily broadcasted on television.

These films all have a common trend, which is very obviously superheroes. Why now is every company releasing bountiful amounts of superhero movies? Personally I believe that all these movies are a direct result of 3rd phase of Marvel releases, which really kickstarted a load of other superhero films to be started.

The releases of these films caused a huge domino effect for DC, which then started to push out their films as well, even though they haven’t released anything in years.

DC actually has a long list of movies that are being planned for release and production, including another Batman flick, a Justice League movie, and even a Wonder Woman film. Since Marvel has a release schedule for a movie plus almost every year, DC couldn’t possibly one up them, and theses releases plus a few more throughout the next 10 or so years.

All in all, I believe the next decade or so is chock full of a load of superhero movies that should please the crowds, even if we don’t want them.


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