Art website created to showcase student artwork

Home page of art website.
Home page of art website.

by Aleeha Shah| staff writer

Over the years, websites have become an important tool used by teachers to not only share information, but other things as well. In some cases, teachers also use it to share work done by students in their classes. The art program is no exception. The Fine Arts department head, Analisa Shinn, has designed a website to showcase the artwork of students in the art classes.

“I think that our students really create amazing things, and I think that as technology driven our world has become, using a tool such as a website is one of the easiest ways to get the word out about our students, and about their work. So this is just sort of a platform that we’ll be using along with displaying their artwork in the hallway, and participating in local art contests and things like that, just to kind of show off our students,” Shinn said.

The website, featuring the artwork of many students from various art classes, can inspire students and assist them.

“It helps a lot with students that are in AP classes and making portfolios. It gives them an idea of what kind of work is successful, and the possibility it would make a five or a really good grade on an AP exam,” senior Mia Hendershot said.

While the art website can assist students with making portfolios, it can also benefit an artist’s future.

“Colleges can look at their art and be like, ‘Wow! Someone did that? Oh my gosh I want to have this student at my school!’ Maybe that’s what they’re thinking or maybe companies that want people’s art to be shown, they can actually benefit from that as well and they can be like, ‘Can I have that art in my company as well?’” senior Brianna Chacon said.

Whether students have past experiences with art or are taking a class for the first time, the website may allow students to discover more about themselves.

“Some kids are still looking for what they want to do in life, like they don’t know what they want to do, so they might actually have a secret passion for the love of art. Seeing this might stir them out of being by them self, reclusive, and being more out there in the community,” Chacon said.

In addition to learning more about themselves, some students may simply take pleasure in knowing that their work is being displayed for everyone to see.

“I mean art is a way for us to express ourselves- get out our deepest emotions, and so to display that is very rewarding,” senior Kelsey Webb said.

And by having the artwork be accessible online, there are actually several benefits for the individual artists, according to Shinn.

“Well, I think it benefits them first by educating them as to their options, and secondly any parent or visitor to the website that sees their artwork can email me and say, ‘Hey this art piece is amazing! Who’s the student? I might want them to do an art piece for me,’ and so it can actually help them to get their name out, and become more recognized artists,” Shinn said.

While some students may have more experience than others, the website  also serves as a way to encourage freshmen to consider art as a career.

“Incoming students are now picking endorsements for their high school careers and I realized last year that very few of our students knew what options were available to them in terms of art classes,” Shinn said. “So more than anything I created this as a way to educate our students and the incoming freshman about what they could possibly do, and the path they could choose in art.”


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