The Guenther House: more than a restaurant

by Aliyah Armstrong | staff writer

205 E Guenther St, San Antonio, TX 78204,  (210) 227-1061,

Hours: Restaurant: Monday-Sunday: Breakfast: 7 am-3 pm; Monday-Saturday: Lunch: 11am-3 pm; Sunday: 10 am-3 pm

Museum & Store: Monday-Saturday 8 am-4 pm, Sunday 8 am-3 pm

Price range: every menu item is under $10

Rating: (no stars) I cannot recommend this restaurant at this time.


⋆⋆ Very good.

⋆⋆⋆ Excellent.


  Who knew the old home of miller could make for such a great restaurant. Right when you walk into The Guenther House, your focus goes to the display case full of pastries and cakes. After you’ve had your meal, you’ll want to buy everything in that case. 

An old flour mill has been converted into a restaurant, museum, and a store
An old flour mill has been converted into a restaurant, museum, and a store.

  On President’s Day, the restaurant wasn’t too busy, there were a lot of families with small children but it was not noisy at all. Covered outdoor seating is available for those who want to enjoy the views of the beautiful grounds. Inside the restaurant, the decor really showcases the years of history and the good service really adds to the experience.

  When the server asks you if you want to start off with a cinnamon roll or coffee cake, definitely choose the cinnamon roll. It’s nothing against coffee cake but the cinnamon roll is certainly something special. It is nice and warm and fresh out of the oven. It’s full of cinnamon flavor and with a thick icing that’s not overly sweet. If that doesn’t sound mouthwatering enough, the cinnamon roll is enormous. It is the size of an appetizer plate and and very tall. It’s a great starter but if you eat too much it can quickly become a meal. Either share it with the rest of your table or take some of it home with you. 

This cinnamon roll is bigger than your average pastry.
This cinnamon roll is bigger than your average pastry.

  The Patriotic Waffles were a special on Monday, February 15th or President’s Day. They are The Guenther House’s signature sweet cream waffle with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream arranged in an American flag pattern. The addition of the fresh fruit elevates an already amazing waffle. The waffle is light and airy and tastes like you’re eating a birthday cake for breakfast. The whipped cream isn’t too sweet, the fruit is in season, and it comes with syrup but you don’t even need it. Choose between bacon or sausage and you got yourself a quality breakfast.

These waffles were a great treat on President’s Day.

  If you’re looking for something a little more savory, go for the Chicken and Waffles. This was also a special on Monday but the great thing is, there’s a calendar on their website that tells you when the specials are available. Crispy chicken is paired with a fluffy waffle to make a great combination. The chicken comes in the form of chicken strips coated in a peppery breading. The pepper of the chicken balances well with the sweetness of the waffles. The combo goes good with syrup which also tones down the peppery taste that starts building up the more you eat. Besides that, the chicken and waffles is a nice comforting breakfast or brunch.

The chicken and waffles are worth driving downtown for.
The chicken and waffles are worth driving downtown for.

  Breakfast tacos are something you can get at almost any breakfast restaurant in San Antonio. One thing that stands out about the breakfast tacos at The Guenther House is the tortilla. It is a White Wing tortilla made with freshly milled flour which makes a lot of difference in the end product. You get two tacos in which you can pick any 3 fillings for each. Bacon, egg, and cheese and sausage, egg, and cheese are two solid options. The eggs in both tacos were cooked perfectly in both tacos and the bacon was really crispy and the sausage had a hint of smokiness. Neither taco was really cheesy but the salsa was pretty spicy which made up for that. The potatoes that are a side option are kind of disappointing, all they taste of is a common household spice and they are not even remotely crispy. Opt for the fruit, save a few calories, and save yourself the disappointment. All in all, the tacos are a satisfactory breakfast choice, if waffles aren’t your thing. 

The homemade tortillas really make the tacos.
The homemade tortillas really make the tacos.

  The Guenther House is more than a restaurant, it also has a museum and a store. Normally museums might sound boring but getting to walk through the old house and see into the life of an early Texas miller’s family is much more interesting than you would think. Don’t forget to stop by the store and maybe buy some of the waffle or pancake mixes that you had at breakfast or really any other cooking thing you could ever desire because the two room store is full of trinkets. The whole package of The Guenther House is what makes a trip downtown worth it. 

The museum is a nice addition to a good breakfast.
The museum is a nice addition to a good breakfast.
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