Deadpool – Movie Review

by Cameron Tejeda | staff writer

Ryan Reynolds now gets a second chance to play the character of Deadpool in this new movie, and he certainly took full advantage of it. Tim Miller’s Deadpool is a comedic rollercoaster, and it never slowed down.

Right from the opening credits you know that you are getting a movie that is very self aware. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall and makes several references to other films, and the movie even makes fun of itself at times. The comedy really hits home and had everyone in the theater laughing. Ryan Reynolds was fantastic as Deadpool, he really played the character well. The film also had X-Men team members Colossal and Negasonic Teenage Warhead who were great additions. I also really loved the action in this movie. The gore and violence was everything I wanted it to be.  It’s always great to see a good rated R comic book movie. Maybe this movie will pave the way for more R rated superhero movies in the future.

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There are some negatives though, as the villain was one-dimensional. He was just the big bad guy that Deadpool was after, that’s it. The story was nothing special either: A guy wants to get revenge and save his girlfriend from a villain. I also didn’t care about the love story in the film, I just never bought into it.

Deadpool is a very fun movie, and for what it’s trying to accomplish it’s really great. The comedy is spot on and the action is spectacular.

My Rating: A-      

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