College fair comes to Johnson

For any students looking to discover more information about potential college or university’s, degree plans, financial aid, and more, the district will be hosting the annual college fair on Thursday March 3 during all three lunches.

“The college fair is where you get a bunch of colleges to come to the school and they set up a table with all of their materials,” counselor Patricia Snider said. “And it gives the student [an] opportunity to talk one-on-one with the college admissions officer, to find out the different programs, [what] the different universities offer, admission requirements, deadlines- anything that the student would want to ask that college admissions office they would have the answer.”

This opportunity will allow students to meet with college representatives and learn more about their respective schools and the various programs that exist

“The colleges are going to be split on the top foyer and the lower foyer. So right outside the band hall area and upstairs in that general top foyer,” Snider said.

Even though some students think that it is primarily juniors and seniors that should be planning their higher education, Snider went on to say how it’s never too early to start the college admissions process.

“I would encourage any grade level to go but especially sophomores and juniors, and maybe those seniors who haven’t quite made up their mind, and they’re looking at colleges that have a late application deadline,” Snider said. 

College Sign
For any students that are interested in learning more about the college fair, go to the counselors’ office for more information.

Since the college fair will be a one-time occurrence, students of all grade levels should seize this opportunity to learn more details about a diverse selection of colleges.

“It gives them [the students] a ton of information about many different schools.” Snider said. “So you know, what is required to get into the school, the majors that the schools offer, deadlines, and it also gives them an opportunity to develop a relationship with the college admissions officer, which is very nice.”

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