Coach Fox grabs her 300th win

by Samuel Abbas | sports editor

In the midst of another successful season, head softball coach Jennifer Fox hit her 300th win against the Churchill Chargers, a long time district rival.

“It’s pretty awesome because we helped attribute to that 300th win. We won 4-0 against Churchill and it’s pretty special because we’re the team that helped her accomplish it,” junior Hannah Boring said.

As the season progresses and games become more grueling, the Jags seem confident that they can pull out tough wins from prior experiences this season.

“I don’t think it will have an initial impact, but for later on in the playoffs since we know we can win as an organization, we can make it further into the playoffs and eventually state,” Boring said.

As the team continues to push their way through another season, they try not to get too caught up in the moment. According to Fox, even though it’s a great accomplishment, the team has celebrated rather quietly.

“Honestly, I did not know at the time – my husband told me that he saw it in the paper,” Fox said. “As a high school coach if we are only thinking about winning then we are not in this profession for the right reasons.”

With every win, the team grows stronger and builds momentum leading into the next contest.

Photo taken by Myralexis Tijerina, staff writer
Every game provided an opportunity for the softball team to excel on the field. Photo taken by Myralexis Tijerina, staff writer.

“We love all of our wins. Each game is different and we get to see different people perform and compete, so that is fun. Watching players confidence grow in themselves and their teammates is a feeling of accomplishment,” Fox said.

Ultimately, the win will be celebrated more towards the end of the season, where the milestone will not be a distraction but a celebration of a personal accomplishment.

“After the fact it made me remember all of the players, coaches, and parents that have been through this journey with our teams. Thinking about them makes it special,” Fox said.

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