Softball, baseball slide into the postseason

by Samuel Abbas | sports editor

After both the softball and baseball teams accomplished sweeps in the first round, both varsity teams will be advancing to the second round of the playoffs. Softball will take on Southlake Carroll while baseball takes on East Central.

“It feels pretty awesome because it gave us a lot of confidence to go into this next round to play this other team, and just know that we’re good enough to beat them,” junior Hannah Boring said.

Following a two-loss regular season and a first round shutout, the Jags have adapted their strategy accordingly in order to maintain a successful run.

“We have all good players at every position so it makes us pretty strong. We’re good hitters, we hit the ball very well, and they [teammates] will just help us to keep winning games,” Boring said.

In addition, the players also keep good chemistry throughout the game, according to Boring, which helps the overall team focus when they need to.

“Yeah, our chemistry is really good, we are all really good friends and it helps us in winning because we’re not always competing against each other, we’re playing as one,” Boring said.

After winning the first round, the momentum may allow the team to potentially continue on with another win, senior Bryce Faust said.

“I think sweeping Smithson Valley in the first round gave us a lot of confidence going into the second round. We play East Central and I think we will do pretty good knowing that we swept our first round opponent,” Faust said.

The Jags ultimately look to move on and continue into this year’s playoffs, similar to last season.

“I think our team is unique because we have a lot of different players. There is a lot of good hitters and pitchers and everyone knows their role. We all hang out together and I think that helps our team chemistry, and our ability to play good baseball and win games,” junior Dalton Shuffield said.

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