Varsity football starts season with ‘to do’ list

by Nico Guzman | staff writer

As football season starts, the varsity football team will set its sights on a list of goals.

“Our goal for this season is to take this team to its full potential, to win as many games as we can to see how far in the playoffs we can go, our goal is always to play late December which is late in the playoffs, but we have a lot of work to do before we get there,” head football coach Ron Rittiman said.

Many of the football players on varsity are confident going into this season with their new, young team that they have.

“I really wasn’t too sure how we were gonna be because we are a young team with not a lot of experience but against Brandeis our defense played really well  so I was happy about that and I know that we are gonna be able to play well against any team that we play against and our offense kinda struggled but I know we had a lot of injuries so I know that they’ll pick it up when all those guys get healthy and we will be a solid team,” senior Hunter Wall said.

After the Brandeis game, many players were proud about winning but also thought that they could’ve done some things a lot better than they did.

“I feel pretty good. We got a good team, our defense is really pulling together which is good because our offense, we still need time to mesh and get adjusted to ourselves, our defense came in and saved us,” junior John Guerra said.

There are many games this season but some players thought that certain games are much bigger than the others.

“Definitely Reagan, our homecoming game, pretty much every game starting districts,” senior Michael Goff said.


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