Wahlburg, Berg team up again for ‘Deep Water Horizon’

by Cameron Tejeda | staff writer

This movie tells the true story about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010. Director Peter Berg and star Mark Wahlberg, the guys that made Lone Survivor, team up once again for Deep Water Horizon.

The movie introduces a lot of likeable characters who you can root for when things go wrong. Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell were the main characters that I could really get behind. They play employees on the Deep Water Horizon who butt heads with the company leaders over the safety regulations. Their performances were great. John Malkovich is also good as the greedy business man who jeopardizes safety for the sake of saving some money. That whole business aspect of the movie I really found interesting. That being said, it takes awhile for the action to start up, but when it does, it is super intense.

There’s oil, fire, explosions, and you really just want these characters to escape. You never get a chance to catch your breath, because something is always happening. The way the movie is shot contributes to the intensity of the situation by making you feel like you are on the rig as well.

The movie’s atmosphere and acting combines to give a very convincing portrayal of this hectic catastrophe. It is sad that these people had to endure this, and the film does a nice job at the end of honoring those who died.

Deep Water Horizon takes a while to pick up steam, but is absolutely riveting once it does. Anyone who is interested in this disaster should definitely give this one a watch.

My Rating: B+

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