Band finishes well at national competition

by Laura Navarro | staff writer

The band recently traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana to compete against several other bands from around the country.

“Grand Nationals is significantly more competitive than any event we [have] attended. Every band in the top 12 was either a medalist or a winner at their regional [competition] across the country. We were thrilled to be in the company of these great bands,” band director Jarrett Lipman said.

Since the band doesn’t go to Grand Nationals every year, BOA San Antonio is typically the “big” competition they go to at the end of their season.

“The only competition that could almost compare to Grand Nationals is BOA San Antonio since it’s usually the last competition for bands across Texas, but that’s still not enough to compare to nationals,” sophomore Arianna Casanova said.

This has been a bonding experience for the band, and needless to say, Lipman is proud of the band and everything they’ve accomplished.

“Working towards a goal as a team brings everyone closer together, as it is a singular focus that we all share. When the last performance is as electric like ours, everyone feels it and shares the same celebration and excitement,” Lipman said. “I still get choked up thinking about Saturday night.”

After performing in prelims and semi-finals, the band advanced to finals in which they placed 9th out of the 13 bands that performed in finals.

“I am incredibly proud of my band. It feels so incredible to know that I’m in one of the top bands of the country, not just Texas,” Casanova said.

As for the dancers, being their first year in the show, band dancer Adelin Blackmon says they had a successful season as well.

The band dancers were a new addition to the show this year.
The band dancers were a new addition to the show this year. Photo by Victoria Boesen

“I’m extremely proud of what we accomplished, and it was very fun,” Blackmon said. “Although we had rough days, everyone was very supportive and helped us, and it was just an amazing experience overall.”

Although their marching season is over, the band is still focused on what comes next.

“Up next we have concert season which is more laid back than marching season. It’s still important and stressful to prep for UIL, but that’s not until March,” Casanova said.

This was no doubt a season to remember for band students.

“I have never been more proud to say I’m a part of the CTJ band,” Casanova said. “That’s a moment I will never forget.”

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