‘Split’ could mean a return for Shyamalan popularity

by Cameron Tejeda | staff writer

M. Night Shyamalan’s newest movie tells the thrilling story of a man with multiple personalities who abducts three young girls.

James McAvoy is the standout member of the cast, as he plays the creepy, yet amusing kidnapper. The way he switches from all the personalities and plays these different types of roles is brilliant.

It’s also a testament to Shyamalan’s film making. Switching up a character to have him funny one moment, but then disturbing the next. Having this unpredictability puts you constantly on edge, not knowing what could happen at any given moment. It was a great way to build tension. The main girl played by Anya Taylor-Joy was also a great protagonist.

As the movie progresses, you learn more about her character and it gets you rooting for her. The movie has some great themes about abuse as well, which makes it more impactful. From a technical standpoint, the movie succeeds also. The cinematography is spot on, adding to the thrills. To top it off, the end, has an exciting twist that will get fans excited.

Split is a very enjoyable thriller which shows Shyamalan still has what it takes to make great films. I recommend seeing it, and am anticipating what could come next.        

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